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Asparagus is a perennial, with separate male and female plants.  It is a native of south-central Europe, western and central Asia and North Africa where it still can be commonly found.  It is an ancient crop used by the Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilisations over 2000 years ago. In fact, Cato described the cultivation of […]

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Asparagus is a hardy crop and will withstand a variety of soils. Sandy, silty, light textured soils are best with good drainage. The roots of asparagus can penetrate up to 1 meter below the surface and soil must be suitable for this.

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The preferred climate of asparagus dictates the best growing regions. Best locations have rainfall in spring and summer. Frosts are seldom a problem, although late spring frosts may cause slight yield losses. Wind shelter is not essential but is beneficial in sites where strong winds are prevalent.

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Asparagus is requires both high fertility and high pH to grow well. Under such conditions, asparagus is likely to be highly productive if other conditions such as drainage and temperature suit its growth. The nutrients in the asparagus fern will eventually be recycled through the soil and back into the plants when the fern is […]

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